Operating hours : The market is open EVERY Sunday, Rain, Hail, Shine, Any public holidays. - From 5 am to 12 Lunch  

(All Stall holders need to be there by 5 am at the latest to get a good allocated space by security and if you are not in by 7 am you will be turned away sorry)

Car Parking : Car parking costs $3 and you need to be aware you park at your own risk. (Illegal Street parking on main road may in cure parking fines)

What can I sell?  : You can sell any normal house hold products and clothing as well as tools and bric-a-brac, but there is a strictly NO food policy, this includes baked products , cakes, hot food of any type, and NO live animals or butchered meats of any type,  NO music or video media that are not legally resold or distributed, and no counterfeit products or knock offs of items.

(baked products & Food need to be produced in a Auckland City registered and inspected kitchen and they must hold a full  current health certificate)

I want to sell hot food : We are sorry but there are NO available sites and no more food required on the market grounds no mater what it is you are selling, even if there is no one selling your product, if you do try to sell food you will be removed by security on that morning and requested not to come back.

We are sorry for the hard line on this but it is only fair that the current vendors make a living without swamping the site with all types of food stalls

Security  : Is there security at the  markets? Yes there are security at the markets found at the front gates and Available via the main market office, also police are regular visitors to the markets on Sundays.

(But as always take care to lock up and protect your items while here)

Entertainment & Busking : Entertainment can be organised by calling the market help line and leaving a message, Generally busking is allowed at the market

NO Amplification  of sound sorry

I want stall at the markets?  : The cost of a casual stall site at the markets starts at $25 & that site is approximately 2.8 metres or one car size lot, this can include your car or not, Also tables are available for rent at $10 for that day, these you will see positioned around the market on trolleys. (Remember get in early or miss out)

Full time market stalls or sites : There are NO full time stall site or position available at the markets ONLY casual sites allocated by security sorry.


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