I Want A Stall Info

-There are NO permanent stall sites available, all sellers are on a casual sites only (So please don’t ask)

-The cost of a casual stall site at the markets is $25 & that site is approximately 2.8 meters or one car size lot, this can include your car or not,

-tables are available for rent at $10 for that day, these you will see positioned around the market on trolleys. (Remember get in early or miss out)

What can i sell at the market

-You can sell any normal house hold products and clothing as well as tools and bric-a-brac, electronic items.

What you cannot sell at the market

-NO Food Of any type – includes home baked items
-NO hot food of any type no mater what it is (Even if it is not sold here already)
-NO dispensed drinks or canned or packaged drinks
-NO live Animals or live stock
-NO Video’s or DVD’s or Audio tracks of Artists that are not you or your band
-NO imitation or Knockoff Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Perfume, ect that has a Brand name and its not from them
-NO seeds or plants, that are not allowed to be sold in NZ or have been cleared by Bio Security NZ

ANY stall holders found selling or promoting items listed above will be removed from the markets

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